Is All Slots Casino reliable?


Yes, yes, yes, yes, is as reliable as it gets, there’s no doubt about that. Even the overall look of the site exudes honesty and quality work. And you don’t have to scroll down much when you can already find all the “official” and less official information clearly presented. Transparent work, though, doesn’t come off even when working hard.

Of course, the background is also a relatively well-known manufacturer from which you can also find two other very stylish and reliable online casinos. Frankly, you couldn’t hold on to such a good place in this industry if this activity were just a shady job. In addition, the site has a license from the Malta Gambling Authority, which is one of the most prestigious concessions in the gambling world. The license means that the Maltese authorities control and regulate the gambling establishment.

All Slots Casino – Deposits and Withdrawals

It’s a wild ride because the slot offers a dizzying array of different payment methods. Familiar and less familiar methods are used, from which everyone can choose their own. The list includes Visa, Neteller, EcoPayz, Siru, and partners, so the rewards couldn’t be better.

The casino itself briefly and succinctly states that all deposits are transferred to your account immediately! And yes, you read that right – absolutely everything! Speed comes first, but when it comes to operators in this category, you don’t have to worry about security either. The minimum deposit is 10 CAD.

Withdrawal remains almost on the same line, which, of course, depends on the payment method chosen. For example, a bank transfer can take 1-3 business days after processing, while with online wallets the transfer is almost instantaneous. All Slots Casino strives to process all withdrawal requests of at least 20 CAD within 24 hours, but often faster.

Customer Support

Customer support hasn’t gone unnoticed either, but customer well-being has been elevated to a high level of value. Whether you encounter a small or large problem, there is always professional help to solve problems in the blink of an eye.

Customer service is divided into two different sections: live chat and email support, which are open every day all year round for the players’ enjoyment. Whether it’s Christmas Eve or a Monday-Tuesday morning, All Slots Casino won’t leave you alone. And, of course, help always comes localized, so you don’t need to refresh your language skills.

An email is a great option, especially for those who respect tradition, because it best matches good old-fashioned written mail. However, if you are a big consumer of new technology and need quick answers, chat is the only right choice. From there, you can get answers in minutes, which also saves time for family nights.

What kind of players is the All Slots Casino offer suitable for?

When the right time and place are right, things often go wild. This is the straw that All Slots Casino has tried to grasp in creating its gaming site, which aims to bring all players to the brink of madness and fun.

The first steps to success, of course, were made in the translation of the site. A very exemplary translation process went through every corner of the site so that northern players could conduct business in their own language.

The text is smooth and easy to read, which can be read even in the wee hours of the weekend, like a waltz with your mother-in-law (very good). The translator’s work is quality, which means you can easily understand the texts.

Of course, the package also includes non-taxable income, so unnecessary bites and visits to the hatch of the tax administration can not be avoided. It also uses the previously mentioned localized customer support, which allows you to make transactions even for those who are moderately graduated.

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